Member Spotlight : Blair Milo


Blair Milo is a Junior Tri Delta that is presently serving as VP of Recruitment. She is currently studying Nutrition Science and hopes to become a Chiropractor in the future.

This past winter Blair went on a 9-day medical mission trip to Costa Rica this through a student organization at UGA called International Student Learning (ISL). While in Costa Rica, Blair stayed at a nunnery in the city of Alajuela – and visited 3 rural communities nearby. During these visits to the nearby communities, Blair and her peers offered free medical attention to the local residents and saw numerous patients throughout the day. These appointments consisted of medical questionnaires and routine physicals.  Through this process, Blair and her peers were able to see and diagnose 69 patients!

At the end of the week the students hosted a party for their patients and children from the communities. During the party the volunteers gave the children donations they had previously collected at home. Blair described this event, saying it was “The most amazing afternoon of my life...Even though these children had so little, they emanated such joy and love and happiness. It was inspiring! It made me realize how truly blessed we are, here in America, with the various resources available to us, and how spoiled we are for taking these things for granted.” In the future Blair hopes to return to Costa Rica to help even more people.

We are proud of Blair’s heart for helping others as well as her dedication to her sorority, University, and worldwide community!



Tri Delta's Annual Pancake Supper


Every Fat Tuesday Tri Delta hosts our annual Pancake Supper event and this past February we hosted another successful dinner! We raised a total of $9,330 dollars in just one night! The entirety of these proceeds go to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, which is our main philanthropy. Tri Delta has had an official partnership with St. Jude since 2000. Because St. Jude believes that a family’s only concern should be the wellbeing of their child, the money that is raised goes directly towards paying for treatments, housing, and food for the patients and their families. In July 2014, Tri Delta nationally pledged to raise $60 million in 10 years for St. Jude in order to find a cure and continue saving lives.

This year Pancake Supper was incredibly special. A former Tri Delta’s daughter, Mary Elizabeth Paris, is currently being treated at St. Jude for Leukemia. Throughout the year we have been sending Mary Elizabeth ‘ME’ letters to show our support for her! This year the $9,330 dollars we were able to raise for St. Jude was donated in honor of Mary Elizabeth and her fight. This past week Mary Elizabeth reached 100 healthy days since her last bone marrow transplant. This is a miracle! It felt great that this year we were able to help not only St. Jude, but also one of our own Tri Delta’s and her family. 


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